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We all know that transmitting data over the spectrum puts your personal information at risk.
To ensure that your data remains private, physical delivery options such as our Data Running Service messaging is the optimal method.
All too often in the past, however, customers they would have to choose between the speed of sending a communication or the
security provided by a courier service. But now, thanks to our service, you and your company can finally have both.
We offer the best and most complete service for your special transportation needs.
We know how valuable the information is for you.

We Care
In The Best Way

It’s a wild universe out there, but with our Data Running Service, you can rest easy knowing that your data is well guarded. This is why governments and the private sector alike, as independent contractors, civil entrepreneurs and other organizations, rely on our service. We treat your data with total security and privacy, beyond the reach of data hunters. Our main objective is always to deliver the data in destination, safe and in time.

We Protect
End To End Encryption

As added protection, all data placed inside our servers undergoes a propietary End to End Encryption (E2EE) algorithm, this protects your information from its origin to its destination. That means even if someone was able to get physical access to your information, it would remain virtually unusable.
Only you have the password that encrypt and protects your data. We take care of them.

We Do It
Available When You Need Us

It does not matter where. We adapt to your needs and we will go where it is needed. Deliver ship to ship, ship to ground, or ground to ground data transfer. We will be there to protect and transport your data. With our high-end equipment and latest generation ships, flying through star systems the work will be completed successfully.

We're Professional
Trained and Stealthy

Our experienced courier pilots undergo to advanced flight training to avoid being detected. And while our policy is to always avoid trouble before it starts, if the situation calls for it, our pilots have the skills to use ship's arsenal to neutralize and scape threats, making your data stays safe and sound.


Our Skills

We are in continuous training and learning to be always up to date. We know the most modern techniques in the safe data handling, fine tuning and precise adjustment of the ships, as well as in stealth and advanced space combat techniques.

If we unite all these skills together with the greatest discretion and best fleet to perform this task, the delivery of data is guaranteed.

Our skills, our reputation.

Flight Experience
Data Recovery

Our Work Team

The best professionals at your service. Our goal is yours.

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Our Capabilities

A highly skilled professional service with the last technology to our service.

Real Time Encryption
Without Delays

Whit the last Quantum™ Core 64-qubit Processors for realtime encryption, there is no bottlenecks in data transfer.

Data Protection
Less Losses

Advanced armored computer core, systems and storage for prevent or minimize data losses in EMP attacks.

Faster Than Ever
As A Lightningt

We have the fastest ships ever thanks to having powerful thrusters, which guarantee to move quickly in this area of the galaxy.

Delivery Without Waiting
Instant Delivery

External fully encrypted data storage pods with secure release for instant data delivery.

Mission Complete
Backup Service

Space is a hostile environment and full of unexpected dangers. Although we have a very high rate of successfully completed services, there is always the risk of losing data. Ensure in sending and receiving information by hiring a second backup ship that will take a diffetent route, with 50% off.

Wireless Data Links
Remote Data Transfer

The SATA-M6A1 High Power Broadcast Array in our ships ensures no problems in High Speed data transfer.


What Clients
Say About Us

"We have placed our trust in this company for the safe transport of our data between star systems.
All the works were successful."

Jack Westbrook

Origin Engineering

"We were looking for the best service in its class. Since we found it is the only company that is responsible for keeping our data safe."

Lindsay Swanson

Kastak Arms

"In our case we can only work with the best, so we decided to work with Scrawny DRS"

Jared Jackson

UEE Advocacy


Special Work
Data Interdiction & Recovery

Our most experienced hackers will delve into the task of locating and extracting data from the assigned objectives. We work with the most advanced tools for tracking, capturing, processing, decrypt and storing data.
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